Dante - Devil May Cry





I've wanted to do Dante for a while now! I would've actually had a DMC4 Dante costume in 2011, but let's just say the people who "ordered" it lied and gave me excuse upon excuse, even saying that I hadn't paid them for it which I had. Luckily I got a refund (months later, after much pestering), but I still wanna cosplay Dante! Any version of his outfit will do (except for the DMC3 costume, I ain't exposing my chest and stomach like that!). The look he had in DMC2 was my personal favorite, but I also love the threads he sported in DMC1 and DMC4. The outfit I end up with could be any one of those 3!

I have the Dante wig and even a pair of altered guns, now I just need the red! :3

"Let's Rock Baby!"


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