Cao Ren - dynasty warriors 6




Inline with White Leviathan's 'Wei' group i am attempting to make this heavily armoured costume using methods suggested by Ikkaku_Kun .. progress will be made at intervals when i can get materials. Really excited to be doing this costume ^^ i hope it all turns out 'passable'


Kaka Extreme posted on 23 November, 2008 - 11:39
wooooooooo didnt exspect anyone to do this costume! looking forward to seeing progress!!! this is going to be awesome!!!!!

Sephirayne posted on 23 November, 2008 - 11:57
Wow! This going to be epic. Can't wait to see it.

Ikkaku-kun posted on 23 November, 2008 - 17:50
looks like a feckin melon juicer xD good start tho ^^

stripey_dani posted on 25 November, 2008 - 20:59
Woooo cant wait to see this Wei group!

Saintstorm posted on 26 November, 2008 - 10:55
Yeh there's been some interesting new twists in this, My dad has told me he's guna help me fiber glass this mo'fo from head to toe ^^, it's going to be like real armour hahaha, he's even got a compressor to help me use fiberglass primer on it so I can still get the proper colors on it, so here's hoping this thing looks awesome enough for the stage!

inspchin posted on 12 December, 2008 - 19:48

Saintstorm posted on 15 December, 2008 - 13:56
Thanks but Im going to remake the helment and EVERYTHING out of chicken mesh as it came to my attention than fibreglass eats card / tape so Im going with something more durable.

hakuloveszabuza posted on 18 December, 2008 - 18:43
Looking good and I am sure the second version of the helmet will be just as cool. I look forward to doing battle with you sir lol

Saintstorm posted on 26 December, 2008 - 12:12
Well I've been MASSIVELY swamped lately, I started a new job as a Waiter at Frankie and Bennies and I've been pulling 12 hour shifts, so when I get paid after new year I'll have gotten something like £1.3k in 2 weeks haha, Ill be turning a sum of that into Cao Ren =P the rest is going on my Widescreen plasma Tv ^_^ and a driving license so I can hopefully pickup some people come May, Anyway if it's a battle you desire IT SHALL BE SO!!!!

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