Aiden Pearce - Watch_Dogs




Aiden Pearce from Watchdogs!
I waited for this game for years and it certainly didn't disappoint.

For this, I need;

Baseball cap & Facemask:
The baseball cap and facemask were included with my pre-order of the game.

I also purchased the official Watch_Dogs jacket as it's as close as possible to the games design.

I'll be using my Galaxy Note 2 for this with a custom build ctOS app.
It's complete with profiler, sound effects from the game and the BlackOut screen from the trailers for photos!

Not only are these illegal to carry in the UK, but weapons have to be con-safe too. For this I'll be using a telescopic camera handle I found on ebay.
I plan on modifying it to look like the ingame one Aiden uses.

The sweater is proving to be the most difficult part!
I've narrowed it down to a partial zipped funnel sweater, but finding one with the right collar and sleeves is difficult.
I've got my girlfriend on the case, pretty sure she'll pull it off =]


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