Zack Fair - Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII


S-Con 2012




The moment I completed Crisis Core, Zack had become my favorite male character in the Final Fantasy series. I knew that if I ever got into doing cosplay, that one day I *would* be him! When I first donned the costume, I was a little overcome, it was because I was so happy to be in the outfit.

The outfit can be uncomfortable at times, but it's easier to wear and move around in than the AC Cloud costume. The trousers could be bigger and the boots are really heavy. The shoulder armour also would NOT stay up at all, soooooo I added velcro to the iside of each piece and now they both stay up! :D

The wig I styled across a few days. I'm happy with the bangs on the right hand side, but the one's on the left hand side are really weird and curved... I'll hafta fix that one day.


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