Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children


Doki Doki 2011




This is my Cloud Strife cosplay! I'd wanted to do Cloud because he's visually striking with his hair and outfit. I actually weilded a Zangetsu (Ichigo's sword from Bleach) at this event, but at Sunnycon, my friend made me a Buster Sword! This costume can be quite annoying to wear;

- The shoulder armour keeps falling down.
- The gown part can get stepped on when going up stairs.

Furthermore, the wig gets very uncomfortable after a while and I have to keep adjusting it due to my real hair poking out occasionally.

But despite all the nuiances, I love wearing this outfit, I love being Cloud so much! When I first wore it to an event (Doki Doki 2011), I was overwhelmed with all the postive response and photos and hugs I got!


Nomes posted on 12 April, 2012 - 00:30
Cool picture and welcome to CI ^_^

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