Fate Testarossa Harlaown (True Sonic / Shin Sonic) - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS


Considering I already ordered a wig for this character, I thought this needs to be uploaded. *blames Spirit_of_the_stage for getting me into this series which made me loved this character so much!*

If I had to choose to make all of the costumes from one character, then I would probably choose Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical (actually I would have said Sakura CCS or Tsubasa, but it is more then imppossible considering the amount of Sakura costumes still avaliable) Fate is such an awesome character with fantastic costumes, I love her weapon and her magical offences/defences and I get to make different forms of the Bardiche.

I decided to start with her True Sonic form because although Fate is rarely cosplayed, everyone seems to go for her battle outfits from the 1st and 2nd Nanoha season or the standard Strikers outfit. Infact I never seen anyone did Fate's true sonic form not even on cosplay.com or other cosplay sites. I'm sooooo looking forward to make the Riot Zanber too! Hopefully my thighs are not too big!

Apparently my Angelic Layer group for masquerade @ AmeCon 2010 had a breakdown, so decided I should cosplay as Fate to replace Misaki. And depending on the turn out, this should be for the masquerade along with Spirit_of_the_stage as Hayate, erm.... I meant HE-yate. I may have a possibly Nanoha and Fate in a different costume joining us! I'm so excited!

k4tt posted on 11 June, 2010 - 19:20
awww. I'm not gonna be there to see this awesome costume, so get LOTS of pictures taken yeah?!! ^__^

Ichigo-Chan posted on 11 June, 2010 - 20:03
Thank you, I will make sure to get plently of pictures! Depending if I can make it both days for Octobers Expo, then I might do this cosplay for a day.

Dusttee posted on 13 June, 2010 - 18:54
The wig looks fantastic, can't wait to see this all completed >W<

PinkCharlieBear posted on 4 July, 2010 - 15:18
I dont know the series but I love the design. And I really want to steal the Zanber from you! Really amazing progress so far, cant wait to see it done *o*

Lady Bahamut posted on 16 August, 2010 - 18:37
Oh wow, you looked amazing! Too bad I couldn't see it in person! Those swords are very, very cool!

k4tt posted on 16 August, 2010 - 18:48
YES!!! Nice to see some completed pictures of this!! Swords are totally awesome!! ^__^

FrankieEstee posted on 18 August, 2010 - 21:15
cdnsjfbef WOW *^* You look amazing! Looking forward to seeing more pictures o3o

Exelia posted on 19 August, 2010 - 15:01
Was so nice to see you at the con~ ^_^ thanks so much for getting photos with me!! <3

Ichigo-Chan posted on 19 August, 2010 - 20:13
Thanks everyone for your comments and glad I got some positive comments on my Zanber (sword) because they were such a pain to make, but eventually got there in the end. @ Taruto Thanks for letting me take pictures with you. I really like your Nanoha cosplay, hopefully we can do more Nanoha cosplays together in the future.

nert posted on 19 August, 2010 - 20:18
This looked awesome, really glad I got to see this

Solaria posted on 28 February, 2011 - 17:54
*3* I LOVE This also (xD) You got me into this series I duno who i'm going to do but again i wana nab you :3 We should cosplay together sometime x3

black hair ribbons
Riot Zanber
Red arm bands
Arm armor
Body suit

Total cost: £0.00

25th July 2010

Belt complete! costume COMPLETE! yeys

(Ignore tartan skirt in the photo, I can't be bothered to try out the entire outfit just for the sake of a belt pic) I was determined to finish Fate ASAP, so worked on the belt as soon as I got off this computer. Belt was brought from New Look for £3 and I used the left over red jersey to cover up the belt such that it matches with the arm bands and ribbons on socks. Yeahs! costume is now done and dusted and ready for AmeCon. There maybe a few little things which I may slightly adjust before AmeCon, but not greatly nessecary.

24th July 2010

Body suit - COMPLETE!

Please excuse the dirty finger prints on the mirror. I can't be bothered to clean it for the sake of the photo especially since the mirrior is not mine. I have completed the main part of the of the costume today, so all I need to do is to make the belt which is currently in progress before I move this into the complete status. yey! AmeCon masquerade here I come! The applique designs were all from left over fabrics from my Reinforce Zwei cosplay. Fate's proportions are very dfferent from mines, she has a thinner and longer body, so the hardest part was trying to figure out how to include all the details whlist trying to keep the costume as accurate as possible. I think some of the shapes which are applique are a little bit too big, but nevertheless I'm fairly happy with the overall result and it's starting to look like Fate. Shame, I'm not very thin (I may have to lose abit of weight) but at the same time, I'm not too over weight so I should be okay wearing this costume? Eeeep! Fianlly my 1st Fate costume is going to be completed. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE Fate?

23rd July 2010

Almost there!

Costume is approximately 80% complete and I am getting exicted already! I had loads of spare white cotton from my Reinforce Zwei cosplay, so decided to use it up to applique the pattern and add the white lining on the bodysuit. Things to do. - Complete white lining - Belt - Add the red bits on the sleeves - Add the grey patterns Eeeeeppp! Can't wait... AmeCon masquerade, here I come!

13th July 2010

Body suit base progress

Firstly, I like to apologise to all the Fate fans for myself being a big fat Fate, I really did not think I would look this fat until I actually tried the costume to realise this cosplay may not be for me anymore. Shame, because I made so much effort, nevertheless it will still be worn for AmeCon as I don't want my efforts or money wasted. Serves me right for choosing to start off with her most skimpy outfit when I am not very slim, then again, I plan to make all of Fate's costumes one day, so pretty much happy I will get the skimpy one over and done soon. This is the first photo I've uploaded with the completed socks, arm bands, shoes, armour and work in progress bodysuit. Apparently, Fate's legs are longer then mine, hence the inaccurate position of the red ribbons on socks. ohhh.... those damn yellow rectangles keeps on coming off the shoes, so need to fix it! As for the body suit... gah! I look so fat in it which made me cry as I really wanted to do this costume for AmeCon's masquerade. Anyways, will carry on working on the details and hopefully the end result will not turn out as bad as expected. If I start to get self conscious, then I might enter the masquearde with Reinforce Zwei instead.

11th July 2010

Almost getting there!

Finally my fabric has arrived after over a month and a half! I went to my friends house to collect the fabric and it is just as I wanted. Since, the costume is tight fitted, I wanted something which stretches a little and very opaque and not too shiny. I get a little self conscious when it comes to wearing something tight fitted as I'm worried I might look too fat! I seriously need to loose some weight, but it will never happen as I always gain weight as the years goes pass. I started to measure and cut out the fabric for the body suit without a pattern. Gah! got no time to search for a pattern as AmeCon is just over a month away and besides, more then half of my cosplays are made without a pattern, so pretty much confident to make this with no pattern. I need to adjust the bottom of the bodysuit, then sew it together and final touch will be adding the details! Shoes are 50% complete. I brought a pair of boots (£11) from Peacocks last year for a cosplay which I never got round to starting, so I thought it will be suitable for Fate if I made covers, decorate and paint it. The heel is just the right height, however I wish it was slightly pointed, but nevertheless it is accurate enough. I'm so excited already! only the shoes and body suit left, then it will be complete in time for AmeCon's masquearde.

4th July 2010

Zanber 95% complete

Yeah!!!!!! Zanber is almost complete. The other 5% is still yet to paint the darker yellow part on the other side of the Zanber blade, but you pretty much know what my Zanber is going to look like. A layer of paper marche was added before I applied paint. I must say I'm fairly happy with the prop, but likewise there is always something which I wish I could change. Btw, the left Zanber is tilted at an angle, so the blade looks a little bit thinner then the right blade, but I swear they are the same size. The Zanber handles are not prefectly indentical which is a shame as I spent so much time and effort, however it is difficult to notice unless you take a closer look. Anyways who infact likes making two indentical things and who can infact get them perfectly indentical? Damn fabric is still yet to arrive through the post, so I decided that I will buy the fabric from the Birmingham markets next Saturday as time is running short. I'm desperate to get started on the main part of costume (how many times have I actually said this?)

1st July 2010

Armour 80% complete

Pretty much finished the armour, however need to make gloves with some silver fabric of the same colour, but I might gamble and use white cotton, painted with silver paints as not idea where to find cheap silver fabric which is not too shiny. The 2 armours are not perfectly identical which is ashame since I spent so much time, but as usual, I don't have time to re-make. Armour is uncomfortable to wear as it's stiff and I find it difficult to bend my arms. Plus, I sweat in these armour in the hot weather, so it's a good job I will not be cosplaying as the standard StrikerS outfit for Ame, otherwise god knows how I will survive in the heat!

30th June 2010

Zanber - Approx 70% complete

Nuuuuu... the Zanber will not be multi-coloured although it looks pretty lol! The full base of the Zanber blade and handle is now complete *happy dance* erm, actually I should not be too happy until I get the entire costume complete and in time for AmeCon's masquerade. Damn the online fabric store for not shipping my fabric yet, so I contacted the store just to find that they did not recieved my order when there is an order pending on my account. I will end up asking them to cancel my order and buy from the Birmingham markets or Fancy Silk store, even though it will be slightly more expensive. Gawd! I'm so annoyed as I'm getting very desperate as AmeCon is 7 weeks away and I want to work on Fate's costume withour rushing as I regard Fate as one of my favourite characters and don;t want to put shame into the costume, especially since it will be for a masquerade entry. Details on the Zanber handle is made out of Das clay, foam, cardboard and a polystrene ball. All materials where either from work or brought from Hobby Craft. I'm pretty much happy with the details on the Zanber, but there are a few things which I would like to change, ah well... too late and no way I am re-making the whole thing again. The next step is to cover the handle with a layer of marche, then painting with arcylics. I can;t wait to get this all finished! (but damn fabric.... I need to at least start on the main part of costume)

26th June 2010

Armour WIP

I swear it looks a lot better when I actualy wear it on my arms, but it looks nothing like the real thing when it's flat 0.o... Anyways I've made progress on the arm armour, made with foam layered with interfacing and painted with silver arcylics. The purpose of the interfacing is to reduce the amount of wearing and paint fraying from the foam. The armour is attached together with velcro so I can easily take the armour on and off. Armour is pretty uncomfortable to wear as I find it difficult to bend my hands, however I don't have the patience to re-make it nor can I can find a way to make it more better and more comfy. Looking at the figure reference pictures, it seems as though the armour is a lot bigger then the original Amine. I've been following references from the Amine artbook throughout my progress, so cosplay will turnout a lot more closer to the Amine.

20th June 2010

More Zanber progress

I have started to work on the zanber handle made out of a pipe which has been cut into approximately 11 inches and the details are made out of cardboard, foam and a polystrene ball cut in half.

13th June 2010

Hair ribbons complete

I have completed the hair ribbons and overall happy with the result. They are made with 2 layers of black cotton with a hidden wire between the layers. I love how the ribbons stick out and look all floaty. The ribbons look too big in the picture, but I swear they look just about the right size when I actaully wear them, then again foam heads are a lot smaller then the actual human head.

11th June 2010

Progress, progress and more progress!

You can clearly tell I struggled to think of a good title for this entry? I did not make a huge amount progress, however some great progress so far! I ordered some black jersey from cheapfabrics.co.uk because jersey from my local fabric store costs £5.99 per metre compared to online store @ £3.99 per metre, so it's cheapness for the win! I pretty much prefer the costume to be made out of stretchy fabric as it will be a comfortable tight fitted costume. Fabric will be sent to my friends address as my parents always have issues with any cosplay related items arrving through the post, so hopefully the fabrics will be shipped soon, so I can arrange to collect from my friend in order to start on the main part of the costume. I also made a good start to the socks and the hair ribbons. I used my Tenma socks and added the red linings with jersey fabric. As for the ribbons, I have used 2 layers black cotton with wire hidden in between, so the ribbons stick out. I'm fairly happy with the turn out, so will need to post pictures. Finally, I have used a pipe which has been cut into approximtely 11 inches for the Zanber handle. Yeys! the Riot Zanber is getting somewhere, so hopefully will add the details on the handle soon using cardboard which I got free from work. Heh! I'm a cheap skate, but work was going to throw all the cardboard boxes anyways, so why not keep them and use it for cosplay props?

6th June 2010

Riot Zanber W.I.P

OMG! I think this is the most expensive prop I am ever going to make up to date! Yesterday, I went shopping in Hobby Craft and brought 2 planks of balsa wood for £6.99 each. Fate's True Sonic form is a cosplay where you cannot go without a prop because when Fate (or any Nanoha character) is in their battle costume, 95% of the time they hold their weapon, so I thought I'll make a head start to Fate's Zanber as I don't need to work today... yesssss! Work included, cutting the blades into shape and sanding down the edges to make the blades look sharp (I thought I was going to die breathing through wood dust) Also I have painted both sides of the blades with a pale lemon colour arcylic paint. If your wondering why I used plastic bags as a sheild instead of newspaper is because paint can easily peel off plastic instead of paper. Now, I'm soooo excited to make the rest of the costume aswell as completing the Zanber.

31st January 2010


Pretty much ALWAYS start off with a wig in cosplay unless it is a character which I can get away using my own hair. Anyways I met up with a group of friends yesterday where I collected my Fate wig from one of my friends. I usually have to send any wigs I buy to my friends address due to parents complaining so much about cosplaying, so any cosplay related items I buy from the net goes to my friends address. As for my opinions on the Fate wig, one sentence, I LOVE it! It is so perfect for Fate, the colour, style and quality is what I wanted. The £30 I paid was worth it. Side note :- the colour of the wig is blondish with subtle tints of yellow, but it looks as though the wig is yellow in the photo. Ah well, does not matter afterall because Fate's hair is meant to be yellow and NOT blonde, so both colours work.

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