Light Yagami
Death Note

Cosplayer: Windowas

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

28th April 2012: Blazer Finally after 2 weeks of shopping me and Rosie have finally found a blazer, HAZAR !!!! Thank you Rosie <3 xxxxxxxx

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rosieroo - 11th April 2012
hi sexy - i cant wait to see this at expo - love you loads and loads and loads and loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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rosieroo - 12th April 2012
im soooooooooo exited for expo its gonna be soooooooooo much fun ps its so cool you got an acount

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rosieroo - 18th April 2012
after expo when i make my misa cosplay would you like to do some couple cosplay photos ^^

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rosieroo - 8th May 2012
its looking good you just need brown trousers xxxx ^^ super sexy

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Anime_Angel - 10th May 2012
yer Light looks good indeed^__^

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rosieroo - 12th June 2012
SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!