Itachi Uchiha (Akatsuki) - Naruto

In Progress




I wore this to Anime Evolution in Vancouver in 2010. A lot of people liked it but it's still incomplete. I need the Mesh shirt still. I made the part over the shoes out of old socks and used my school sports pants. The robe was given to me by a friend and the shoes and hat and ring I bought. The ring was from a whole set of the Akatsuki rings. They were really big so i used a bit of string to keep it on my finger. I'm hoping to complete it some time so all i need is mesh shirt and contact lenses for the Sharingan. oh and I also need the headband which i was borrowing from a friend at the time. And for the Hair i used my natural hair length, it's really long so i also colored it black (my natural hair color is brown with natural red highlights)


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