Arami Heartilly

Hungary (Queen of Clubs) - Hetalia ArteStella

Status :Complete
Worn At :Minamicon 18 (2012)


Hungary, Queen of Clubs

Kings and Queens of Clubs and Spades

Kings and Queens of Spades and Clubs

Queen of Spades and Queen of Clubs

Hetalia Cadverse Group

Cardverse Hungary

Hungary, Queen of Clubs

Hungary, Queen of Clubs

Reference Picture from Hetalia Arte Stella



Hungary, Queen of Clubs from the card verse set of cards and sticker sheet from the Arte Stella art book.

I loved the design as soon as I saw it and having already cosplayed Hungary last year I already had the wig so i decided to go for it.

The hardest part by far was having to overlock the whole bottom section and the sleeves as the material i was using, green cotton covered in a layer of green voil was prone to fraying and there was no other way to do the hem. The shoes were a lucky find as all i had to do was paint the bottom section green and the necklace i found and modified with the pink bead. Same with the gloves really.

Given that I had one reference picture for this I think i've done okay and it's one of my favourite costumes already.

The sword is the Sword of Dios from Utena and my Utena cosplay from last year. Hungary's sword in the picture is a little boring and given that i already had a much nicer one i used that instead.


ToroSonyCat posted on 9 April, 2012 - 12:36
Wonderful cosplay! You make a great Hungary and that dress is lovely :D

Sunny-D posted on 11 April, 2012 - 11:23
Looks really good! I love cardverse cosplays (: