Homura Akemi - Puella Magi Madoka Magica





Love the show and the character, and I finally have a use for my old Mistress 9 wig. ...I guess I have a thing for purple-themed black-haired magical girls. I do kinda like Sayaka, too, though.

Construction -

White Jacket - For this, I used the same coat pattern that I got for Salvatore. I chose white sateen, which is the least see-through white fabric I know of. I still lined the front. It closes with an invisible zipper. The collar is lavender cotton (I know some people choose gray for her color, but I liked the lavender better). The trim on the collar and hem is done with black bias tape. The diamonds on the sleeves are painted with fabric paint, I couldn't get the bias tape to make a clean diamond shape.

Black Undershirt - The shell is black sateen, but the sleeves are a black stretch knit. I used a basic button-down blouse pattern, but replaced the closures with snaps. The collar was the trickiest part, since it becomes a sailor collar in the back. I had to do the collar twice, because the first one wasn't high enough. Like the white jacket, the trim is in bias tape, but the diamond on back is fabric paint.
The bows on the shirt and jacket are both made of dark purple cotton and sewn on by hand. They aren't actually tied, I simply hotglued tubes of fabric in a bow shape for each of them. The back bow is edged in black fabric marker.

Skirt - Made of the same lavender cotton as the collar. I decided to try making my first circle skirt (and a pleated one at that!). It involved a mind-breaking amount of math, flexible curve rulers, and compasses. But the swishy, swishy fullness was worth it. There's a 'petticoat' underneath with the white ruffles attached. It closes with a hidden zipper and a button.

Tights/Shoes - I decided to make one-piece tights and shoes, to look the most accurate. I'd made similar boot covers for my Eternal Sailor Saturn, so it was pretty painless. I sewed the tights, then stretched and fabric-glued the feet over a pair of cheap eBay heels I got with the right heel height and toe shape. The diamonds were painted on with fabric paint (while I was wearing them! My legs are still purple), with painter's tape laid out to get nice straight edges.

Wig - My old Mistress 9 wig, which has been replaced with a longer one. It just needed a little trim and the long pieces near her face cut in.

Hand Gem - Cast out of resin, one of my first experiments in resin casting. It took a lot of testing to get the color right. The setting is made of Fimo and painted gold. It stays on my hand with spirit gum.

Makeup/Accessories - I paint my eyebrows black with mascara, but go for a natural makeup look. The headband was a simple drugstore buy.


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Solaria posted on 31 August, 2012 - 12:22
Wow you make a stunning Homu you really look like her *3*