PAC MAN (original 2D version (no eyes or feet etc)) - classic arcade game PAC MAN




my first cosplay and one of the biggest was reletivly easy just cut out large bits of cardboard ( large bits found outside garden centers who give it away for free to encourge reycling and reducing carrier bags etc) i layed down to measure height and used stands for width . it mainly consist of 2 carboard shapes the sides were circles with a quarter cut out (like a slice of cake), doubled up for strength and the back / middle was short rectangular bit of cardboard folded at the ends to attach to sides and glued, this continued around the entire middle except for a section left out so i could see where i was going and a top flap secured with velcrow instead of glue (from glue gun)so i could put the costume down withourt getting out and for ventalation .aslo the bottom was left out so i could walk around (running was dificult) .
1.i was ill that day from nerves (first expo) and had to give my costume to somone else who liked it halfway thought my time there.
2.i ran out and sold out of spray paint in one colour and so the middle section is a different shade to the sides and that ran out and sold out of that shade and had to use yellow squares id printed off from my computer hence why if you saw the front it looks patchy bear in mind it was my first costume.
3.getting to expo was intesting to say the least as i had to carry or wear it on the trains , underground tube and DLR light railway also manovering around expo was quite hard as it was busy but got and amazing responce everyone loved it which was good and bad as you get surrounded by photogrqaphers and fans and get sperated form your group.
but i loved the attention as younge and old recognised this classic reto gamming icon :D


Numta posted on 14 May, 2012 - 12:31
I remember seeing this - Epic work my friend! Always great to see love for retro games!