Joey Jones - Heroman




I wish this one had suited me better, because I'm so proud of all my group! Heroman is such an underloved show, and I'm so glad that my friends took me seriously when I suggested that they watch it and join me for this. We had an absolute riot being these guys. Huge props to our Denton as well, for sucking it up and using his tricksy hairline for the greater good, rather than wearing it in a more flattering style.

Twelve stone of woman does not make thirteen years of boy very easily. That aside, I don't think I looked too bad overall.

I wish I'd cut the wig a bit shorter. Whatever I did, it seemed inclined to fall in an odd sort of square way. This was far from my first wig, so it's weird that it gave me so much trouble. It was about fifteen pounds on eBay.

The jacket is something I was very pleased with - I bought it years ago for a fiver in a sale. I'm pretty sure it's real leather, and there are loads of lovely details. I'm not really a leather person, but I can't resist a bargain that good. It's very, very tight on me now - but of course, that helped smoosh my poor boobs into better shape for Joey. It's incredibly close to the one he wears in the show.

I made the shirt from scratch, out of a dress I found with the right width of stripes, for a tenner. When I finally conferred with my Holly, I found out she'd also made her striped shirt out of a different shirt from H&M! Like proper siblings, right? I absent-mindedly bought a small dress which fitted me nicely, rather than getting the largest one so I'd have the most fabric. It was so tricky, making a big enough shirt out of it! I'm really proud of it, though - I think it actually looked like a bought t-shirt when it was done. I know it's only a t-shirt, but I think it's the best, most professional thing I've ever made from scratch. Shame I had to wear the jacket over it, isn't it?

The hood is a bit cheeky. See, Joey's always shown with a yellow hood, but the striped sleeves you can see under the jacket are a part of his regular t-shirt, and you never see him in a yellow hoodie. So it was actually just a hood, as part of my campaign to not be the world's fattest Joey cosplayer. The zip had already been removed from the £5 hoodie for my bff's Volkner jacket, so I didn't feel too bad about cutting it up.

The black jeans were an old pair. I know they're not really as black as his, but I put this cosplay together when I was completely broke, and it meant a lot to me to be able to use something I was already able to sort out. I sanded the holes through the knees with some difficulty, as it turned out the grain was vertical instead of horizontal. I don't think you could tell too much on the day - another small victory that felt huge.

The biker boots are a funny thing. See, I borrowed them ages in advance from my buddy, but it doesn't look like he actually wears them in the show. Maybe I was picturing them wrong, or maybe it's just in some of the promotional material that he wears them. Does anybody know better than me? I don't think they looked bad. I mean, he's got an obvious kid-biker look going on with his Holly hand-me-downs.

The backpack was £15 - not bad, considering his is actually a designer backpack worth over a hundred pounds. I forgot to wear it for the shoot. T_T


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