Temari (The one where she was fighting Konohamaru) - Naruto Shippuuden




I love Naruto Shippuden and I really wanted to make a cosplay of a character from it but I couldn't decide who to cosplay. Then I saw this version of Temari, and I loved the clothing and Temari is definitely my favourite female character so I thought "I MUST do this cosplay!" :)


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Progress Journal

4th April 2012

The Beginning

I have to admit I am cheating slightly because I bought a cheap black dress to alter for the under-dress part - sorry. But to be fair, I have 10 days in which to make this cosplay before I have to go back to university, so I am excusing myself :P

I made the net shorts first out of fish net tights - I cut the legs off - works well XD (sorry, that's a bit more cheating)

Then I cut the sleeves off of the black dress and I'm using the leftover leg parts of the fish net tights to make the sleeves. So far I have sewn one on.