Matt [Mail] (Original : D ) - Death Note Anime





Maybe taking him to May next year....who knows

u___u *shrug*


Decided to actually start this incase I messed up [most likely will] So here I go ♥

I found some jeans that would suit him well....though they look WAY to girly D:

Still on the search in my wardrobe until I go out to buy anything right?


Found a shirt for him! - Still on the search for jeans that don't look too girly though D:

Still have no idea wether to make the vest yet! DX

------UPDATE 21 FEB----------

Wow, I've been of this site for a while now xD

But yeah, I wont be cosplaying Matt anymore T-T;; Maybe next time :D

---UPDATE 11'TH MAY '10---
FINALLY. A good excuse to bring this back to life!
:'3 Me and some friends are going as a death note group!
So I instantly chooose Matt<3.

----UPDATE 4TH JUNE '10---

Okay, so I have alot of stuff planned. :'3 Hell, I should be revising for exammies now....D:


I spend around 15-20 minutes in one store [Being a girl and all]
So I'd probably be able to go into about 3 stores in an hour, and I'll probably buy 2-3 things in a day...

So if I go to town around 3 times or 4[depending on money] then I'll be able to get it alllll done soon.

I won't be going around town for a while because I NEEED to save money and stuff...
Sooo, I'm hoping this cosplay won't cost me more than £20....But yeah...


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Progress Journal

4th June 2010


Goggles >>> K2

FABRIC GLUE+FUR >>> HobbyCraft.

Cheap Booties;DD >>> Shoe zone? Or something along those lines. *DON'T SPEND MORE THAN £10 ON THEM*

Vest base >> Charity stooores.

Wig + gun >> That one place.

Jeans >> My house like.

Chain >> Old toys/stuff, or maybe buy some from Homebase/B&Q