Deidera - Naruto Shippuden

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Play Expo 2012


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Deidara Ring
90 cm stirrup leg warmers [white]
Deidara wig
Quarter cotton length pants [black]
naruto ninja shoes [black]

Total cost: £0.00

27th September 2012


I am planning on making my own eyescope.
Materials I need: Craft Mask, theater Glue, Metallic Paint (Silver), Clear Plastic for lens and pva

27th September 2012

Deidara Wig

Yay my Deidara wig has arrived can't wait to wear it at re-play expo.

25th June 2012

Akatsuki Coat and Headband

I am sooo happy I got a Akatsuki coat and Headband for Deidara cosplay as a birthday gift of my bf xx
Now I can take my time to buy other parts for the cosplay ^^