Ironette - Iron Man 2



I wanted to cosplay one of Tony Stark's Iron Man Cheerleaders from the very first time I saw the movie in the cinema. But I never actually had the body confidence to do it. And apart from that there were parts of the costume I thought I wouldn't be able to do, mainly the lights.


Had an absolute blast wearing this cosplay to MCM Expo May 2013. Only managed to wear it on the Saturday though, as Darkheart's Iron Man suit didn't survive til the Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who took our picture, never been photographed that much at an expo ever.

And Big Thank You to Darkheart for making the LED Lights and Belt Buckle :)

Captain_Marvelous posted on 17 April, 2012 - 17:14

Anonymous posted on 21 May, 2012 - 16:55
If you ever want a group for this I am so in :D

Yasmia posted on 21 May, 2012 - 19:07
Cat - That would be AWESOME :D

HarryKurt posted on 8 March, 2013 - 00:29
This is going to be awesome! The wig looks great for it. :D

HarryKurt posted on 22 May, 2013 - 18:30
This looks fantastic! :] Hope I bump into you at Expo.

Ranma1-2 posted on 1 June, 2013 - 11:02
Well done, cosplay looks great! Lycra is so difficult to sew but you did a super job. :)

Yasmia posted on 1 June, 2013 - 18:53
Aw, thank you :) It was all thanks to your tutorial, and my friends amazing sewing skills :)

Lady Bahamut posted on 2 June, 2013 - 14:11
Great cosplay! :D You look great! That wig really suits you :3

springinstep posted on 3 June, 2013 - 08:35
That was a wig?? I thought it was your actual hair and I had such envy! You looked great!

Freyarule posted on 3 June, 2013 - 10:10
I love the cosplay! You make a lovely Ironette and I love the palm lights, really pretty :)

Sakura_Blue posted on 3 June, 2013 - 21:02
you look really amazing!

Belt Buckle [by Darkheart]
Base Shoes
Boot Covers [by Selph]
LED Lights [by Darkheart]

Total cost: £0.00

22nd May 2013

Belt Buckle [by kadaj006]

Just to show off the belt buckle, made for me by kadaj006 out of Fimo, and painted with spray paint

17th April 2013


I ordered the shoes I'll be using as the base for the boots this morning. They're red shiny, so they should work pretty well. I'll be using Ranma1-2's tutorial for using the boot covers, and my very dear friend Selph will be helping me hugely!!

15th April 2013

Lights by Kadaj006

My lovely hubby-to-be made the lights to go in my Ironette costume. The chest piece has 2 LED lights in it and the hands each have one. I have to job of attaching them to the gloves, but I just wanted to share this picture with everyone. And Thank You kadaj006 for your help. I love you <3

2nd April 2013


Tiny shorts are TINY Seriously like underpants!!

14th March 2013


My wig arrived this morning! I was actually shocked at how quickly it arrived as it was coming from China. But arrived in just over a week, and it is stunning. Its absolutely gorgeous! And is the exact colour as my own hair, which is what I wanted as the idea for this costume is that I want it to look as if it is me wearing the costume, not me cosplaying someone else.

11th March 2013


Got all the basic shapes for this costume cut out tonight. Had a little trouble getting the top to be completely symmetrical, but luckily, super-Aunt was there to rescue me! Super-Aunt kindly volunteered to sew it all together (mainly cause it gives her something to do, and I'm not very good on a machine)And then we can shape and size it correctly

5th March 2013


I ordered the wig shown in my last journal entry I figured expo was getting closer and closer so if didn't get a move on it would sneak up and I'd have no wig for my costume

15th January 2013


I was thinking of not wearing a wig for this costume, but then I decided it might be a good idea to anyway because otherwise my own hair might just end up looking flat, and least with a wig I can add a little bounce to it. I decided I wanted a red one, to kinda match my normal hair, just a bit longer, and curlier. I found this one, and thought it looked really pretty, so this is the one I'll be getting unless I find a nicer one beforehand. Its from eBay, so i'll get ordering it once I've got the fabric in a few weeks time.

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