Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Cosplayer: Ewonka

Variant: Future

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

28th May 2013: Ah~ Improvements improvements~ I decided to cut the wig so it will actually be the right length and I will probably make another big spanner using a different technique. Fingers crossed I dont mess it up :D

12th July 2012: Update I got my train tickets! So happy :'D They cost a small fortune as there is a few of us going ( some just to visit Manchester and not the expo) and its almost on the other side of the country but it was all worth it even just to hear an amazing lil tune the machine did while printing them xD and I just realised I forgot to say that the overalls are a perfect fit apart from the legs being a tiny bit too short, but oh well, they're meant to be rolled up anyway xD
Also I decided to make an oversized spanner which turned out rather great, but I'm not putting up a picture of that until I paint it ;)
The only bad piece of news is that my wig is still not cut and I don't have much time left! (such a busy week T.T ). Fingers crossed everything will somehow work out ;D

14th June 2012: Wig My wig came in the post today and it looks more yellow then blonde and I think I need to cut it a little T.T Hopefully It will look fine ... On a positive note, I ordered the overalls and found great belt to go with it all xD

9th June 2012: Nearly Done xD Ok, so I have every single little bit bought for this (even flat lollies xD )apart from the main thing... the overalls T.T Hopefully I'll be getting that in the next few days though ^,^ , the only thing I'm kinda scarred of is that they will be huge as they are a man size ...but I guess that would be funny to look at, kinda like the lil picture <

13th May 2012: Hello :D Ahh, finally got started on it ^,^ This was one cosplay I definitely wanted to do at some point and I had so many other ideas, but I'm happy with this choice. I got some nice shoes (not exactly like the ones he wears but I love them ;)) and the goggles so I am pretty much 1/2 way done xD

Steampunk avatar

Steampunk - 6th July 2012
Gah! I love Spanner! Shame I probably wont see you ;-;

mangacookie avatar

mangacookie - 10th July 2012
really wasnt expecting there to be a spanner cosplayer!! :D really looking forward to seeing it :3

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Ewonka - 12th July 2012
Thank you, I love Spanner too (and his lollipops ;) ) xD and I'm definitely wearing it again to the London Expo if I go there so may be you can see me there ;)

Ah, not used to compliments *blush* xD

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Steampunk - 13th July 2012
London October Expo? ;o Go go go! I'll go as Adult Lambo for one of the days if you do xD
Im determined to find you at Manc expo when im on break (going in a fursuit so will need a break because of the heat) I will find you and drown you in KHR related talk!

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Ewonka - 14th July 2012
That would be perfect xD We HAVE to meet! I also talked with two people who want to go as Irie Shoichi and Byakuran so we can attack them as well if they go ;)

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Ewonka - 14th July 2012
(but they are going only to the London one :/) and I just realised that if everything carries on how it is now I will never cosplay as anything else in my life as I keep promising people to wear spanner on all them different expos so we can meet xD (not that I mind, it's ultra comfy ;))

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LinkyLex - 28th August 2012

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Ewonka - 29th August 2012

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TwistedBloodyFantasy - 28th May 2013
hey der sexy ;D

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Ewonka - 28th May 2013
hey babe ;3