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CaptainAmelia posted on 16 August, 2012 - 16:11
I'd love to see some photos of this! I did the non-cloak version for LFCC this year :3

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Progress Journal

16th August 2012

yeah, about those photos

Yep, forgot to get any taken whilst at Amecon.

Still, shall hopefully locate camera at some point.

9th August 2012

Wow... only took me how many months?

Yeah, finally finished the sleeves! (and located the sodding belt - how it got onto the top of my wardrobe I shall never know)

I feel somewhat accomplished.

Photos to come (once I remember to y'know - get someone to take a photo for me)

5th August 2012

all I want for summer....

... is these bloody sleeves finished!

I mean, I have everything else - I just need to put the sleeves on the large black dress! (oh, and try it on of course xD)

No image attached as I've put the 'in progress' parts of the dress somewhere 'safe'. So safe, even I can't remember. Bugger.