1st Boss Vongola (Manga?) - Katekyo Hitman REBORN

Worn AtGrand Cosplay Ball 2008




been wanting to do a cosplay with a cape for a while, still waiting to make the glvoes for this cosplay jsutarted measuring the fabric and getting it ready to be marked out and cut.

Gloves have been started on, only real problem is using my hair for this, hopefully I can style it right by the time the ball rolls round :D


Anonymous posted on 30 November, 2008 - 01:51
FIRST GEN!!!! *__* you gotta wear that next May Expo if you're going, I'm gathering a hugee KHR group!!! -spazzes-

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Progress Journal

almost done! (Posted 28th November 2008)

gloves are almost done and so is the cape, jsut need to do the ropey bits at the frotn and the accessories if i have time! everything is almost done just need to work on on the wig on the day!

stress! (Posted 27th November 2008)

really stressingon this! cape it almost done need to attatch the collar :D and i will be done with cape, then i need to start work on accessories especially the gloves...