Uchiha Sasuke (Genin) - Naruto




I chose to cosplay the Genin version of Uchiha Sasuke from NARUTO, because he was my favourite character from the anime and manga. The hardest part was the wig, which I ordered from eBay pre-styled, but postage damaged it so I styled a part of it myself. The easiest part was the headband, shoes, and kunai knifes because I bought them straight from eBay. The full costume was made my mum, for free.
I learned a lot about cosplay from this, because it was my first cosplay. It felt great when I wore it to Collectormania Glasgow 2012 and I entered the Masquerade, even though I did not win - I still felt very happy and proud to have went on stage as Sasuke. This was my first anime/manga based cosplay, and one of my favourites. However it is now retired as I have sold the cosplay but I still have the wig.

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