Madara Uchiha (Valley of the End version) - Naruto Manga


KitaCon 2010




I ended up buying it from I bought a simple wig from a local shop and my cousins fiance helped me style it and I got carried away spiking it. I changed a couple of things on it... well, ok 1 thing, i wore leggings and flipflops instead of the boot covers and naruto sandals. It was comfortable to wear but very hot after a while and hard to move in at times. Tsunade liked using the shoulder of my armour as a pillow too lol. I also accessorised it with a cheap ninja sword and part of an extendable scythe i got around halloween last year (it'll be used as his kisarigama) I also added a small charm/phone strap to the scythe that i had found in the dealers room XD;


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