Jake English (Fancy prospit dreamer) - MSPA Homestuck


It's all Homestuck this year D: But these are to pretty to ignoreee.

The only costume I plan making for May expo! I fell in love with these fanart designs a while ago. I was between Jake & Karkat's designs but chose this since I'll be default Kar on the Sunday (?) I think one day of grey is enough for me in the heat.

So doing the Fancy dreamers (by Rumminov) with Dirk ~Moonlily & Roxy ~Bakurakat

edit: I have mix feelings over this cosplay. It might be back in the WIP stages asap after expo to be scrapped and restarted on it's long journey of hell and if I get to do Amecon this year I'll deffo look in to spray painting boots.

MoonLily posted on 28 March, 2012 - 10:33
I vote we just leave you lying comatose around random points of the excel. :P Anyway i'm really looking forward to this group! :D

MamboLikeLambo posted on 13 June, 2012 - 16:24
Oh wow this is incredible! <3

One-Winged-Chaos posted on 6 July, 2012 - 22:19


Total cost: £0.00

19th May 2012

prospit doneee.

well minus my shoulder pads which are drying off from being tacked on stray edges.... this cosplay is done after it's lacey helllll. There is a zillion things I REALLY want to sort & remake but I lack material and precious time off to do it before expo. Maybe for amecon.

12th May 2012

i hate lace like burning

This is going to be a hot/itchy cosplay for sure now ;___;

6th May 2012


So prosit progress is 65% done! Just need to: -Collar to make -sew stripe to trousers -attach shoulder pads But I’ve ran out of trimmings so time to bling up the crown~

6th May 2012

Vest and crown progress

I tried to get as far as possible today 8D;; I only have two weekends left to get everything finished eep! So vest: my wing pattern ended up with odd massive collar leaving me to slice part of the front and right down the back to make it fit since I don't have any spare fabric to restart D: It's okayish? I hope once the collars attached it'll work fine. Everything's hemmed, sleeves attached with added cuffs, buttons and so far one arm of cord piping. Oh and shoulder pads are set to go. I think I'm in need of more trimmings now though xD;; Crown also gained a golden tan & varnished. So tomorrow I hope I can start blinging that up along with most of the tunic.

29th April 2012

The best of the vest.

It's not going awesome because yet again I have to experiment with trial and error on this. Since I'm winging this from an old pattern & thinking measurements was fine. it's ended up MASSIVE..well mainly the collar area. I can't take it in at the sides without killing the bodice design things..sooo I think I can sacrifice the back a little and see (AND PRAY) that this does the trick!. I'm waiting on the prospit pattern fabric to arrive before i can even touch the stick-up collar really and the same goes for the sleeves cuffs. D:

7th April 2012

uhh ref sketchy idea things.

I've been thinking up ways of starting on this. I hope I can get the material close enough to the ref shades...but I'm sceptical about my local fabric stores |:

1st April 2012

1# ( b ) Crown seal

Shortened the points down a fair bit on the base along with a second coat of mod podge. 20 mins drying time? It's still drying after 5 hours x.x;;

1st April 2012

1# Crown

Starting with the foam base shape and sealing it to death with mod podge..sparkly mod podge at that. I'm waiting for the first coat to set. Ahhh I think I might need to trim the spikes down since they look a bit big compared to what I was seeing late last nigh x.x; Hopefully once it's all set and looking right I can spray paint it gold, seal again and then bling it up with gems :] *pics coming soon*

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