Diao Chan - dynasty warriors 6




I am persuaded by my lovely friend Rach (hakuloveszabuza) .... as shes doing Lu Bu im gonna have a hubby ^^


MangaChild posted on 17 November, 2008 - 07:12
Im beginning to think you cant wait to get married lol :D This COs really suits you

Ikkaku-kun posted on 21 November, 2008 - 20:33
woooo, your handle at least looks wheyyy better than mine xD go kaka go ^^

ryaoki posted on 21 November, 2008 - 21:38

hakuloveszabuza posted on 22 November, 2008 - 00:57
Looking awesome so far hun...hubby approves of the big scary weapon lol

BlusterSquall posted on 24 November, 2008 - 12:13
Holy --! the weapon is looking so cool! And all out of cardboard? I am jealous of your skills!

Bunni posted on 24 November, 2008 - 13:58
Yay for cardboard!! I am now convinced there is nothing you can't make out of cardboard!!!!

Ikkaku-kun posted on 24 November, 2008 - 19:13

JakeX posted on 24 November, 2008 - 20:31
Loving the whip at the moment :D Hope it tested well (of course it would xD) Cant wait to see more progress xD

Sephirayne posted on 25 November, 2008 - 13:02
The whip is looking awesome. Gald you figured it out. I'm envious of your cardboard making skills.

AmethystEyes posted on 22 February, 2009 - 23:28
Oooh wow that's a gorgeous outfit! The whip looks ace too :)

Ranma1-2 posted on 1 April, 2009 - 14:05
Oh my Gosh I love this art and this costume. Can't wait to see it take shape. (I have a small figurine of Diao Chan - just in case you don't have any ref for what the back looks like.)

nanahara posted on 9 April, 2009 - 00:37
that whip is looking cool as hell so far

angel aiko posted on 9 April, 2009 - 09:13
Kaka Pimp The Flower Butt XD

K posted on 10 April, 2009 - 16:50
Wah looking great so far hunny :D

hakuloveszabuza posted on 10 April, 2009 - 23:09
I love the flower butt wifey ^^

Uni posted on 11 April, 2009 - 17:13
duuude..i adore your flowerly butt! >: D

Sands posted on 13 April, 2009 - 23:11
the bell of the ball =3 <3

KhaosKreator posted on 14 April, 2009 - 19:30
Shoes are awesome! Tab

Bunni posted on 14 April, 2009 - 20:23
This is looking gorgeous hun!

Moonchild posted on 16 April, 2009 - 20:58
Looking epic as always kaka! ^__^ Can't wait to see this at expo, shall steal you for photos XP

Ikkaku-kun posted on 16 April, 2009 - 20:58
:O Prettttttyyyyy :) great work ^^

GraceyDarling posted on 16 April, 2009 - 21:24
ahhh its looking so pretty, cant wait to see it :)

angel aiko posted on 16 April, 2009 - 21:25
women its look to epic :3

BlusterSquall posted on 16 April, 2009 - 23:22
Your skills. I wants them!! Looking gorgeous!

KamikazePenguin posted on 17 April, 2009 - 01:01
Your costumes never fail to amaze me Kaka! This is looking fab so far, can't wait to see it finished. (:

Fizzykat posted on 23 April, 2009 - 16:48
wow! this is looking stunning!

Tak posted on 23 April, 2009 - 17:08
It's looking really gorgeous so far, love the pattern detailing on the top and bow/tails thing - all sewn on? or painted?

ryaoki posted on 4 May, 2009 - 16:02
awww kaka that such a beautiful and pretty costume good job

Ikkaku-kun posted on 4 May, 2009 - 16:09
Thats perfect! seriously awesome work >8D

Ranma1-2 posted on 4 May, 2009 - 16:58
Wow, looks amazing. I love all that Gold decoration.

Uni posted on 4 May, 2009 - 19:37

Lisu-chan posted on 17 May, 2009 - 12:00
About the headdress! My mom was so nice to SIT on it as well, so I had to fix it! What is it about family ruining Diao Chan's headdresses? Can't wait to see you on Expo!

Lisu-chan posted on 26 May, 2009 - 11:03
OMGZOMGZOMG! It looked so DARN gorgeous in real! (feels awkward to double comment, ah well!)

Kacela posted on 26 May, 2009 - 16:18
You were beautiful, well done ^^

Ranma1-2 posted on 26 May, 2009 - 21:09
Oh yeah absolutely LOVED this. You have amazing skills. Really nice chatting with you too. ^__^

Uni posted on 27 May, 2009 - 00:26
awww, i never got to see this in person! you look beautifuls <3

Odd-One-Out posted on 27 May, 2009 - 11:05
Fantastic stuff, I cheered you guys on in the amsq ^^

Amy-Lou posted on 27 May, 2009 - 14:07
Wonderful costume, but you look completely different! I had no idea this was you O_O

AmethystEyes posted on 27 May, 2009 - 14:47
It's official, I love you!

xaerael posted on 27 May, 2009 - 23:26
such a beautifully detailed costume to see. i wish i had something even close to your stitchwork skills. and it was so nice chatting to you guys too. look forward to seeing you again at future expos/cons!

Bunni posted on 28 May, 2009 - 16:30
This was a gorgeous costume hun, really suited you!

EmeraldStarlight posted on 31 May, 2009 - 20:30
i saw you in the masquerade on sunday, it's such a beautiful costume, i totally think you guys should have won something ^^

Sephirayne posted on 3 June, 2009 - 18:05
OMG! You look so stunning. You really suit the cosplay. Such a beautiful cosplay as well. Love the detail work.

Ikkaku-kun posted on 4 June, 2009 - 18:57
well smexy kaka baby ;) lmfao... there's never a doubt ure costumes will turn out brilliantly ^^ x

Elyiel posted on 4 June, 2009 - 19:14
Simply beautiful.

Shenny posted on 18 July, 2009 - 09:56
Om nom nom! You look stunning, such a pretty costume :o

Zaiburst posted on 26 October, 2009 - 16:40
I didn't realise this was you :D This costume was particularly memorable from May. Great job.

Zelda posted on 31 December, 2009 - 02:03
Just so so amazing and beautiful ^__^

JustPeachy posted on 25 May, 2011 - 13:11
You make a stunning Diao Chan!! Such a beautifully crafted costume :D

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Progress Journal

21st November 2008

The beginning

so have finally started Diao Chan... ithought i'll start on the whip first as it does seem to be the hardest thing out of the whole of the costume lol

so for now i have the whip handle which was made and then remade fter realising her whip handle is like arm length when i was playing the game LOL... now is in the process of paper macheig the handle and my god its hard! but woooooo its so fun and heavy!!!! LOL

the rest of the chain are made too now all i need is to make the blades which connect to everything together wooooooo