Squall Leonheart (own female design) - Final Fantasy 8





FF8 is by far my favourite ff in the series, loved the storyline, characters, game play, OSTs, EVERYTHING, and i adore Squall's character, and always wanted to do a cosplay of him, as well as a female version.

Been planning this for agggeeeeeessss,(like 5 years now) but keep putting it off, especially after designing it and seeing Montyoum's design recently, both our skirts looked too similar, so I'm now re-drawing/designing it again since i was going for a gothic lolita style but punky at the same time along with the half skirt thing he and cloud have recently in the ff series, but dont want it too heavy that it'll look "over dressed" for battle, since Squall's outfit is quite plain.

I'll be using his original ff8 outfit and his revamped dissidia outfit as references to go along with mines.

So far I have the boots, making the gunblade very slowly, and wondeing weather to use a white corset or a tight top instead, and currently re-doing the skirt.
I guess if i end up making it with long hair it'll look more like Rinoa in squall's outfit, so if i cant get a nice brown wig to cut and style, I'll just go for long flowing locks.


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