Serah Farron - Final Fantasy XIII-2





So I'm loving the 'new improved' Serah. Loved the idea of having pink hair...unfortunately when I first put the wig on I realised the error of my ways. Although the wig itself is absolutley beautiful, it looked terrible ON ME, totally slipped my mind how light it is against my dark skin! However lightening my skin and brows might make it look less bad so I'm giving it a shot anyway! DX

The costume looks pretty cool overall and I think it'll be fun to make. The bits where the skin shows will be covered with lovely skin coloured fabric. <3 X3

No idea when I'll do this... @_@;

EDIT: Will probably make that skirt a little longer too... XD


No thanks posted on 27 March, 2012 - 18:00
LOVE your makeup test, your so beautiful! Can't wait to see this done

RevolverKitty posted on 24 April, 2012 - 14:43
Gorgeous make up test :D cant wait to see more progress, after seeing your Yuna, I can definitely tell this'll be flawless :)