Korra - Avatar: Legend of Korra




ERMAHGERD. KERRAH. Yes I am excited about this one. Info on the costume so faaarrr....

Blue top: Blue ballet-style leotard.

Collar: Made with white self adhesive felt, but with a fastening added for extra security.

Pants: Blue trackies haha, I already owned them so... why not!

Boots: Ugg-style slippers I already own with the tops turned down for that furry edge.

Animal fur wrap: Faux suede fabric purchased on ebay with trimming bought from a fabric shop.

Blue wrap: Just standard blue material, quite thick. Tie at the back made from ribbon.

Armbands: Bought on Ebay, designs done in self-adhesive felt, secured with extra glue.

Hair bands: Here, I bought some wide blue ribbon, an attached velcro so I could wrap them around my hair. Couldnt quite get the white bands to work, so hopefully that'll be fixed next time I wear the cosplay!

Hair: My own!


yuubalu posted on 5 November, 2012 - 11:47
You make an amazing Korra :)