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I'm not insane for re-making this cosplay or maybe just a little insane. I've made several errors in my first Rachel cosplay in which I hope to achieve to correct these errors in my 2nd atempt.

The following I hope to achieve are
- Applique: I've learnt how to use bondaweb and a sewing machine for a much cleaner and neater pattern to apply to the shawl, sleeves and skirt.
- Bloomers: I need to make/buy white bloomers. Not a big priority as hardly anyone will look under the skirt, but still want to be abit of a perfectionist.
- White shirt: I used a white shirt brought from MK one for my last Rachel cosplay in which it was missing the ruffles, so want to attempt to make my own to be more accurate.
- Boot covers: My boot covers kept on falling off, so need to find a way to keep them on the boots.
- Skirt volume and petiti coat: I need to figure a way to adust my existing petiti coat to work with the skirt.
- Bodice: I have now brought a proper pattern to make the bodice.
- Nago: My attempt of making Nago failed due to applying heavy fabric on the base of umberella, so I've learnt my lesson to use a ligther weight fabric.
- Gii - I need to make Gii a lot fatter.

Rachel is a very expensive cosplay and she costs over £200. My 2nd attempt should be much cheaper since I will most likely be using the same wig and boots which costs £50 and £79.99 respectively.


Pandora-Chi posted on 24 March, 2012 - 12:50
Rachel really did suit you the first time round and I cannot wait to see your remake!! It's going to look amazing!! :D

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