Reki (RETIRED) - Haibane Renmei


AmeCon 2006




I thought that Haibane Renmei was both a sweet and mysterious anime and also one that doesn’t get much cosplay.
Reki was my favourite character since I loved her ( seemingly ) strong attitude, her tom-boyish style and she had some particularly interesting character development towards the end of the series.

I wore this at AmeCon 2006 and it was the first time that I ever wore a wig for a cosplay. However, I just ended up taking it on and off for photos since I wasn’t used to securing it on properly ( I didn’t yet use a wig cap or grips ). I also felt quite frumpy and shapeless in this, hence why this is one of my few retired cosplays, and only managed to get general snapshot-style photos of it. It would be nice to re-do an improved version of this cosplay sometime, but if I ever did so I would like to source most of the bits for it from scratch again so that it would be more fitted and possibly use denim for the jacket.


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