Catelyn Stark (Season One (basic costume) ) - Game of Thrones TV Season One


I have wanted to do a Game of Thrones costume ever since I first watched the series as I love so many costumes from the show.
As I have had to put my Bernie cosplay on hold due to lack of time and funds I needed an easier costume to replace it so I decided to bring my Game of Thrones costume forward.

Sephirayne posted on 23 March, 2012 - 15:54
Win! Looking forward to seeing.

hakuloveszabuza posted on 23 March, 2012 - 16:04
Thanks hun, will be a rushed version but already got my eye on her Season Two grey outfit and can't wait to see how her 'later' version is portrayed on TV.

sjbonnar posted on 26 March, 2012 - 15:48
This will be awesome!

Sephirayne posted on 1 May, 2012 - 02:05
The progress is looking fantastic. Can't wait to see it complete ^^

Relion posted on 11 May, 2012 - 20:16
Looks awesome and cozy! You're going to make a great Cat (:

Nymphie posted on 11 May, 2012 - 21:51
I think I'm in love with those sleeves! I can't wait to see this! n_n

Make under gown
Buy wig
Make dark green over gown
Make light green under gown
Make or buy fish pin
Three dress patterns
Seven metres pale green fabric
Seven metres white cotton fabric
Fabric Dye
Fake fur
Fish brooch

Total cost: £0.00

13th May 2012

Catelyn Stark

This was a last minute costume (well two months before an event is last minute for me) as I had suddenly realised that the costume I had planned for the May MCM Expo wasn't going to be completed on time. A lot of my free time had been taken up with other life stuff and I just didn't think I could finish my planned costume to the level of detail I would have been happy with and without totally stressing me out. Anyway I decided to bring forward another simple costume that I was certain I could complete in time and allow me time to continue with the other life stuff that demanded my time. I love the series Game of Thrones and had been planning to cosplay someone from the show for a while now. I knew that I couldn't pick a character with too much detail and as I have a fondest for both Ned Stark and the colour green Catelyn Stark seemed like the perfect choice. I brought the Burda pattern 7977 for Cat's under gown and the required amount of fabric in a pale green colour that was on offer at half price. After cutting out the paper pattern and the fabric I was all keen to get working on my costume when my mini sewing machine decided this was the perfect time to die on me. So I had to hand sew the whole costume as no one near me had a machine I could borrow and I couldn't buy a new one as I had a small budget for this costume than I would normally as I had spent quite a bit on my original planned cosplay. Hand sewing the under gown was slow work but to be honest quite relaxing and luckily I had give myself plently of time to complete the costume. Once the under gown was finished I started on the over dress/coat this is my favourite part of the costume. I used a Butterick B4732 pattern for a long evening coat and just added a few inches either side of the front hems to ensure the fullness of the coat. I also had to change the original pattern had a high collar and the coat I wanted had no collar. For this I used a white cotton fabric so that I would be able to dye the fabric to desired dark green colour as I couldn't find any dark green coloured fabric. As the coat would take a lot of fabric (I had two metres left from another costume that I would use as well as the fabric bought)I decided to make up the coat and then dye it as I couldn't get it all in my washing machine. I used a dark green cotton as I have been caught out before sewing together a garment with a pale cotton that even when told it will take the dye hasn't so I thought it was safer to use the dark cotton. I left the hems of the bottom of the coat (I had extended these beyond the paper pattern) and the bottom of the sleeves so that I could finish these hems after the dyeing process. To created the long sleeves I used the sleeves froma McCall's M4490 pattern for a mediveal gown and the sleeve pattern from the coat pattern. I used the upper part of the coat pattern in order to make sure the sleeve top and arm hole matched. I also needed to make the upper part of the sleeve quite narrow, then I blended the bottom part of the McCall's sleeve pattern to achieve the desired look of the mediveal style sleeve. The dark green dye took really well, I was very happy with how the coat had turned out. Once I had iron the now dyed coat I finished off the hems on the botton of the sleeves and the bottom of the coat after I had decided how long I wanted the coat to trail upon the ground. Next I added the fur trim to the edge of the sleeves, I made the trim from strips of fake fur which I glued in half and then sewed to the hems of the sleeves. The ruffled collar and cuffs which would have been the under garments I decided to make as singles pieces. This was partly because I had some muslin fabric left over from another costume but not enough to make a whole gown and partly because this should make the costume less hot to wear. The ruffled collar was made by cutting out two large circles from the muslin, I cut a hole for my head. I sewed the raw hems together (at the head hole) then sewed a channel of about an inche so I could thread some elastic and gather up the fabric. The sleeves were made by making two tubes of muslin which I would wear under the sleeves of the coat and gown like long gloves, these would be kept up by two loops of elastic. I decided to paint the muslin with a mixture of black, white and green watered down fabric paint as I wanted to get a more pleasing shade to match in with the other colours of the costume. I bought a cheap wig as the budget was quickly being used up, it wasn't bad for the money but I would like to get a better wig in style and colour when I wear this costume again or do another version of Cat. Over all I am really pleased with how this costume turned out especially as I made it in less than a month which is great going for me. I know I am going to have a lot of fun cosplaying as this character and hope to do a photo shoot with this costume toward the end of the year as Winter is coming ^^

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