Um Jammer Lammy

Cosplayer: Luminescence

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd February 2012: Tamed! Considering I don't very often cut/style wigs, I'm quite happy with the way this has turned out! :) I don't think it's quite 100% there yet (the cut could do with being made a bit more natural-looking) but it's good enough for me right now, and I can always come back to it later.

My sister thinks I look like Leeloo from The Fifth Element when I wear it. I would like to make it curl under a bit more, but I'll see if I can do that later.

Only the horns and ears to go now!

23rd February 2012: THE BEAST. My sister cosplayed Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II years ago, and ever since then her red wig has been sat in my bedroom, unloved. It loves to shed (great...) but I am determined to give it a go styling it for Lammy, as she has said I could have it. So, here we go! Let's see what I can do.

20th November 2008: 20/11/2008 - Yay! Taken a picture of me wearing the shirt, and I've found my white belt that I used to wear too! So that's the whole outfit complete now; all I have to do now is buy a wig, make ears and horns, and everything will be finished! :)

18th November 2008: 18/11/2008 - More Progress 3:00PM
I just came back from going out to buy some black fabric paint. :D Now to finish off the shirt!


First coat of black paint has been done. :D I don't know whether I'll put a second coat of paint on it, though - I'll have to wait until this one dries and then see what it looks like, and go from there!


Decided to do a second coat of black paint after all. :) After that's dried, the shirt will be complete! Hooray! That means I only have to buy a wig and buy/find a suitable belt, then do the ears and horns and Lammy is finished!

17th November 2008: 17/11/2008 - Progress 1:30PM
Just finished the pants. :D I took an old pair of jeans that I don't wear anymore and used some green and yellow fabric left over from past sewing projects to make pocket covers, sewed them on and voila - Lammy pants! This cosplay hasn't cost me a single penny yet, but that'll soon change - I do need to buy a wig, after all!


My sister just gave me an old red shirt that she doesn't wear anymore and said that I could use it for Lammy. :D I'm in the middle of making a stencil for the design!

Boy, this cosplay is going a lot faster than I planned. XD


I've painted the first coat of white paint on the shirt for the happy splat/cloud logo thing, and I've uploaded a photo collage of the progress I've made so far. :D When the shirt's dried, I'll paint the next coat!


Second coat of white paint is done :D Waiting for it to dry.


Third coat of white paint is done...and I've run out of paint. D:

16th November 2008: 16/11/2008 - Started. :D 3:50PM
I only added this cosplay yesterday and already I'm working on it. XD So far I've started making the watch (I wanted to keep the cartoony feel of Lammy, so I've decided to make my own), and that's almost finished - I just need to get my hands on a piece of velcro to keep it held together around my wrist, and then that'll be done.

I also started the shoes - my sister, FreyaCrescent (who, coincidentally, is my partner for this cosplay) had a pair of blue shoes that she had previously used for cosplay in the right shade for Lammy's shoes, except that the soles weren't white. Seeing as she needed them white for the cosplay she was using them with anyway, I said I'd paint them for her if I could use them. So, they're currently drying as I type, then I'll be adding a second coat. :D


Finished the watch! :D Decided to go with a popper instead of a piece of velcro, as I couldn't find any of the latter and I have plenty of poppers in my sewing kit. Now for the second coat of paint on the shoes!


Shoes are now finished! :D Just need to wait for them to dry.

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Mungojerrie - 16th November 2008



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Anonymous - 20th November 2008
I LOVE THE SHIRT I want it give it to me >:

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Fables - 20th February 2009
:o Someone else who knows of Um Jammer Lammy!! This game was my childhood!
Youre an absoloute legend for this, i very much want your shirt!!

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 9th February 2012
YESSS i love these games ;-; Youre making my childhood come back to life LOVEEE what youve done so far <3

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Luminescence - 10th February 2012
Hehe, thanks Jenn! :D I've bullied Holly into being Rammy as well so hopefully we'll have pictures of her soon too 8D

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LittleRecordGirl - 23rd February 2012
Me and Bryoz are bringing PaRappa and Chop Chop to Kitacon!

Saturday night party - GROUP! :D

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LittleRecordGirl - 17th April 2012
Best Lammy!
Laura's posted some photos up! :D
Look at my PaRappa bit on here.
Was so lovely to meet you, you're amazing!! <3

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Solaria - 18th April 2012
LOVED THIS <3 Cant believe i missed you guys :(

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PandoraCaitiff - 14th October 2013
Ehrmagerd! Other people know about this game! Wooo!
You make a great Lammy, and I lvoe that you managed to find a Parappa and a Master Onion :D

Maybe I'll make that Rammy costume afetr all :D