Phineas Flynn (Resistance ) - Across the 2nd Dimension





Cattrocious posted on 25 March, 2012 - 00:14
That's amazing, love this film :)

WarpFly posted on 26 March, 2012 - 01:56
Thank you. I love the film a lot too. Driving my family a bit crazy because of it. >:D

Progress Journal

27th March 2012

A lowly Update

I've gotten some fabric I can use to make the gloves and I found a turtleneck I might (I stress the word might.) be able to use. I'm going to cut it in half, and the lower half should be enough to make my gloves with. I'm cheap, but I honestly can't afford better.

The piece of equipment he ties to his headband is something I'm currently working on and will probably be half done by tomorrow. Also, I'm running a headband test, so I'll try the wig along with it hopefully also tomorrow.

25th March 2012

Strap, Shoulder Pad, and Shirt.

This is what I got done yesterday. The Strap and shoulder pad are painted with metallic and platinum paint and are made of 2 layers of thin craft foam, but once again you cannot tell by the picture how reflective it is. I spent a good day painting and assembling it in a way that wouldn't interfere with other bits of my costume, expecially in a way that it could survive a day at a convention, but I realize that with binding it might slip off entirely. XD
I'm going to add a interior to keep my shoulder pad in, well, a shoulder pad shape.
The shirt still needs a lot of work, as you can probably tell, I made one sleeve a bit wonkily. I'm also thinking about getting a new Black Turtleneck for comfort purposes.

But it's all still under construction. =_=

24th March 2012

More WIP

I picked up some stuff and I'm pretty sure I'm set to make the rest of the costume within in the next 24 hours or so. I have no idea how to make pants so I picked up a pair of large jeans from goodwill and I plan altering them into a pair of cargos. I'll cut off the bottom part then make the two severed bottoms into box pockets. It's not the first I've done this so it shouldn't take to long.

24th March 2012

Shoulder Pad and Strap

I'm currently putting on two more coats of paint. I sealed it with a stickier thinner platinum paint so the metallic paint I'm using now will look more reflective once dried.
You can't see the texture or how reflective it is in the picture, so I took a close up one so it's easier to see.

What's I've finished these pieces I'll seal the edges with some thin foam and paint the bottoms deep gray, to give it a cartoon-like look, and then will be adding the band and the bolt to finish the piece all together. I feel really sticky right now. DX