Natsume Zange (Human) - Inu x Boku Secret Service


Amecon 2012




It will soon be Easter, What better then a bunny eared character.
I also how mischiefs this character can be. He is always providing fun and games.
I also intend to wear this costume for the picnic I shall be hosting 22-04-2012, which is the weekend following Kitacon IV.


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Progress Journal

23rd September 2012

Young master

I just found a Shirakiin Ririchiyo Animal form plushie.

24th May 2012

Appeared at. / Appearing

Amecon 2012

Northampton Cosplay Picnic May 7th 2012
Kitacon April 2012

9th April 2012

Not another wig!!

Its seems my original idea of getting a pony tail end and sticking it the back is completely deflunted (fail). Can't get extensions which are an exact or near colour match to wig I brought. So I've ordered a longer wig (next day delivery), But its Easter so I'm crossing all fingers and toes it arrives Wednesday/Thursday morning, I'll then throw it in the suitcase and shape it Thursday night at the hotel. Least I was able to use the smaller wig to figure out how I'm going to put on all 3 head items (Wig, Bunny ears, Head Bandages). Just like with Brook I have to put them on in a certain order.
Everything else is now made and ready, its just the wig.