The Witch - Left 4 Dead

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So Birdie informs me of a zombie themed get together and there's no way I'm missing an oppertunity to look scary as hell. ;D

Ok so blonde doesn't suit me? Well that matters not because I'm going to look bleached as hell in this costume! XD Really really really into Left4Dead at the moment...(in fact just really into zombies in general) and as the main cast options are very small I'm going to join the horde instead! <3

I'm totally not the right body shape to be running about in a teeny tiny vest and pants, but the way I see it the more horrifying the better yeah? XD Maybe not! So I'm working with stretch fabric to see if I can make some sort of skin suit to be a bit more modest. :D

I have a top/shorts I'm looking into wrecking, also even have fabric to MAKE a top and shorts to wreck if that doesn't work out. I'm so organised with my destruction. <3

The sooner this gets made the better.


birds-hate-flying posted on 24 March, 2012 - 08:27
HELL YES! Wait, I mean...I'm not going near the crying girl. :/ XD <3 Goes without saying that I am reeeeally looking forward to this, but ah ha said it anyway. And I don't think you have a thing to worry about aesthetically: you will make a lovely homicidal infected death machine. There's such scope for playing with grim decay effects and all that good stuff with the paint. It's gonna be awesome.

Ino posted on 26 March, 2012 - 21:54
Eeeeee scary!!!! O_O!! But awesome. <3 That white make up looks very effective, would you recommend it? I need some for a costume I hope to do soon. ^^

Natsumi posted on 26 March, 2012 - 23:01
@Ino Thankyou! <3 and Yes! It seems pretty good to me so far, it's Snazaroo face paint. Its a bit blotchy on my skin, but I think that might be the way I'm putting it on. :3 When I get a proper sponge I think it'll work a lot better! x3 @birdie Aww Thanks! <3 And I'll be happy to homicidal deth all over you. <3 Also, I think we have a good death balance going here. Witch > Ellis, Medic < Sniper. XD

sarmander posted on 27 March, 2012 - 22:47
Holy cow, that was terrifying image to suddenly have pop up. Terrifying.......and AWESOME! X3

Progress Journal

25th March 2012

Lets start with the fun stuff.

Make-up! So I have in my possession white face paint that I can use for both this and possibly Marcy. <3 I'm not very practiced with this kind of thing at all so I'm hoping it's something I'll get better at! So I slapped some on my face and this is what I came up with...will probably have another go layering the white on a lot thicker next time since it's not very white here! Will do so when I have some liquid latex for cuts and such. Fuuuun. <3

I hope I can make myself look scary enough! XD I'm toying with the idea of white or yellow contacts! Hmmm!

Also.. that's not the final wig it's just a wig I have as backup. :)