Ursula - The Little Mermaid/Disney/Kingdom Hearts





This is a costume I've wanted to tackle for a really long time now as the character is just one of the most deliciously twisted villains around. I intend to put this together for summer 2014


Siouxsie James posted on 25 March, 2012 - 09:35
Interesting journal entry, can't wait to see how you do this! Good luck!

Progress Journal

23rd March 2012

Costume Breakdown

So the concept I have for making this costume work is to utilise my skills with historical underpinnings. I have seen quite a few really well done Ursula costumes which have been let down because the shape of the body was too slender and lacked the rounded form of Ursula. The character was actually inspired by a Drag Queen named Divine who had a fabulously full figure and the same shock of wild white hair as the Sea Witch herself.

With this in mind any cosplay to really capture the character would have to be either a very big woman indeed, or have a sculpted costume to create that form. Being a petite and rather slender I could never hope to do Ursula justice, and as such my wonderful husband, who has previously delved into the realms of cosplay/drag will be my clotheshorse for this little number.

The costumes major challenges include the tentacles, the whole structure being strapless and of course the lilac skintone. Body painting is a territory my husband and I have tread before and the drag style makeup is something I look forward to with relish. The tentacles are fairly simple to achieve using a combination of fabric, foam and wadding. I do not want to pursue the idea of making the costume entirely as a giant fatsuit/fursuit/mascot style affair as this is both way out of my comfort zone and would be incredibly warm. It would also not move with the body unless I employed some rather expensive materials.

And so to what skillz CAN I apply? Well I have previously designed and made corsets, bustles and crinolines and all these utilise metal boning and fabric to create drastically body altering forms.

With this in mind I have devised a way of creating a corset and crinoline combo which should in theory give the costume both the structure it needs and help spread the weight across the body further allowing for the costume to move with the body with that delightful bounce and sway that a crinoline can achieve.