Dilandau (movie version) - Escaflowne the movie




Another Escaflowne character? surely not. Ok its Dilandau..but in his new snazzy amour.

The armour is carved foam/camping matt made up in segments and then be laminated with PVA glue of copydex to give a hard surface that can take paint. This wa sthe first armour type costume I made. i reused the legs from my old Dilandau costume.
I have since thrown this costume away as it was once again a bit scrappy. But i did learn lots of things from making it that made making subsequent costumes of this type better.

its actually a bit TOO BIG for me, but as I dont have a dressform or something similar it was difficult to get to fit correctly. if i did it again id do the skirting a different way, the legs, and obviously id make it so the armour fitted me better. It still looked ok, but its not a tight fit.. and in aactual fact in the film it looks more like it is treated heavy leather/hide rather than armour.

i actually made the white overcoat too, but cos I FAIL at making the thigh armour it didnt hang very well. Also in the pic I have of it i have the most retardded hair so no!


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