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I suddenly got informed I was cosplaying her.
Well that was unexpected.
I'm going to be changing out of God Tier Dave with some of my Homestuck group [who are cosplaying Antimony and Zimmy] and going to Tom Siddell's stall! I can't wait!

[UPDATE] Cosplay got cancelled due to circumstances outside of any of my group's control.

*Hair: Wig I also use for Terezi. Just needs fringe shaping about a bit for the day.
*Shirt: Ooh a generic school shirt I am so original.
*Skirt: Was unable to get hold of.
*Tights: I'll get some white ones.
*Shoes: The amount of times I use my school shoes for cosplay is ridiculous, and this is no exception.


PandoraCaitiff posted on 11 April, 2012 - 09:02
Ooh! Cool! I hadn't considered GC as a source for cosplay before. Have you got a friend to be Robot? :D

AkujiDelano posted on 11 April, 2012 - 13:34
@PandoraCaitiff: Someone who recognises it! :D The Zimmy was going to be either Shadow or Robot, I think, but something came up and they had to change :c

PandoraCaitiff posted on 11 April, 2012 - 22:32
A Zimmy is pretty cool too (and scary!)

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Progress Journal

27th May 2012

Last minute cancellation

Unfortunately my friend was unable to find the skirts in time.
It's not her fault! Apparently they were out of stock ;w;
Decided against changing out of God Tier Dave for Kat, so I'm just going to be going as Dave for the whole of today. Should be alright. I still have my present for him.

21st May 2012


I gave my measurements to my friend. As part of her old PE uniform, she used to have to wear a green pleated skirt, and so she knows where to get them now.
I've decided there isn't enough time to get hold of the jumper, so I'll just be in a shirt. Ah, I'll try to stay indoors a lot, I guess.
So excited about Expo! Can't wait to meet Tom Siddell!