Tank Girl (Origional Costume) - Tank Girl


AmeCon 2008




So I decided to throw together something really random! I'd been rewatching Tank Girl and concluded that I NEEDED a rocket bra. As Rocket Bra's are AWESOME!

Most of this costume was just things I had lying around. I bought a cheap leatherette flying hat and adorned it with tortured toys including the cheap knockoff ponies that Asda do.

The belt I'm wearing was a custom order with the letters spelling 'TANK'

The best part of this costume is the Rocket Bra! Made using two 2litre bottles and the Neil Buchanan school of pva glue and tissue paper painted in black acylic and finished with neat sharpie lines. The straps were just black elastic stapled in.

The craziest part of this costume was my hair and the fact no photos exist of what I did to it! I had bleached it out to white blonde and had a severe undercut.


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