Hangry (Yoshizawa Hitomi) - Hangry And Angry





So H&A are my absolute favourite group from H!P (even though tchnically it's not H!P at all) right now.
The music is awesome and i've already pre-ordered my Japanese Limited Edition version of the CD.
The second tour dates are released i'm booking tickets.

So yesh, i love Yossie and Hangry is just such a sexy version of her.

jeez, i dunno...
~ Pink dress netting
~ black dress netting
~ Black fabric
~ Pink fabric
~ LOOOOTs of hair gell
~ Black eye shadow and liquid eye liner
~ studded belts
~ Pink ribbon
~ Black boots
~ black dog collar
~ stripy arm warmers

man this is gonna take a while... O.o


shigures high school girl posted on 17 April, 2009 - 14:56
I'd love to see this I bet it'll be awesome! Good luck with the hair lol XD