Syaoran (Artbook) - Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

In Progress




I've finally rummaged through all my fabric and wigs I've bought for costumes over the years, so to make sure I remember them all and bloody well get on with them - I'm putting them up here! Most of these have no convention in mind at the moment, will just be once they are finished or if they go with a group at a certain time!


HarryKurt posted on 23 July, 2013 - 18:14
This is lovely! Can't wait to see more progress. :)

Progress Journal

25th June 2012

Shiny bits

Always starting with the small bits, I made his wrist...wrap..thing and worked on the various clasps he has around the outfit. I combined a few buckles and decorative 'bling' items I have to try and replicate the designs he has, and painted them all with gold leaf for a slightly darker gold. Though they are pretty shiny in this pic! Next I actually have to sew some clothes!

25th June 2012

It starts!

Now we've moved house and unpacked most of the sewing bits, I cracked on with getting a few of the more simple costumes I have planned. I did a bit on May Lee but then got into doing a few crafty bits on Syaoran!

Clockwise from top left, we have my test 'cog' applique work - where I discovered simply sewing along the lines of the leatherette worked better and looked neater than an actual applique stitch. Leatherette doesn't fray (unless you really pull at it) so it should stay pretty neat. Then we have fingerless gloves I made for his right hand (hidden in the image, but totally something he'd have) and the orange 'sleeve' for his right arm also. I've been creative with this side as you can't see much with the image. In the centre are his tiny beads for the headscarf that I've painted orange/yellow, and then my awful felt-tip drawing of what his overall outfit will look like :P