Talim (Alt) - Soul Calibur IV

In Progress




I've finally rummaged through all my fabric and wigs I've bought for costumes over the years, so to make sure I remember them all and bloody well get on with them - I'm putting them up here! Most of these have no convention in mind at the moment, will just be once they are finished or if they go with a group at a certain time!

I must admit I'm a very casual Soul Calibur player (much prefer Tekken!) but Talim's my fave and I always like her outfits. Saw her alt version for VI, and was sold. KITTY PAWS. It looks like a challenge for all the little details, and should be fun :)


Sephirayne posted on 6 June, 2013 - 18:16
Awesome choice. Soulcalibur group maybe ;)