Meiling Li - CardCaptor sakura


Kitacon 2009




It will be Meiling's fighting costume. I hardly ever see Meiling cosplayed so it will be good to cosplay as something different.
Also since I have no sewing skills whats so ever I will be having made by a commissoner XD

Credit to Chibi for making this costume for me
Credit to Sephnoir for making a most excellent wig as well xx


nanahara posted on 29 March, 2009 - 18:29
progress is looking awsome ^^. Will be sure to look out for you at kitacon

timpey posted on 6 April, 2009 - 17:43
wow it looks awesome, so well made. hope to see lots of photos of u at kitacon. well done ^^

Chibi posted on 1 July, 2009 - 17:42
Yay I found you! ^^ Glad you liked my commission, you suit Meilin very well!

C-C-San posted on 20 September, 2010 - 21:00
Wow ~ I used to watch cardcaptors as a kid X3 Looking awesome! Love the bloomers <3 *stalk* ^___^

Progress Journal

12th February 2009


My commissoner emailed me today to inform me of wheres she up to ^^
"the bloomers and bells for Meilin are done" Woo cannot wait to see them so excited ^^