Meiko (Magnet) - Vocaloid




Was going to cosplay Gumi but I have decided that I would suit Meiko better and that I would like to cosplay more 'womanly' characters XD

For the Kitacon Prom :)


ChibiMatsu posted on 30 June, 2013 - 02:47
Love the wig

ChibiMatsu posted on 30 June, 2013 - 02:47
Love the wig

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

8th April 2012

Nearly there!

The earphones are complete. To make transport hell of a lot easier I have attached velcro to the wings :) waiting for the glue to dry then this whole cosplay will be complete!

The covers took alot of experimentation. In the end they are card and craft foam with plastic for the pink :)

4th April 2012


In progress

4th April 2012

Glue brought!

Went to the pound shop today and found a base for the headphones and now I have everything I need to complete this. I have tomorrow planned XP

29th March 2012

Dress done!

But need glue before doing anything else...


29th March 2012


Almost done!

Just gotta take the back in, attach the straps and hem :D

Cant do much with the headphones until I get some glue and a alice band >< BOO!!!!

26th March 2012


Gotta loosely cut around the edges and make sure the pattens inside are line together when sandwiched. If I was using solid card in the middle I could skip this but because I am using see-through plastic this is vital or else it would look a mess.

I have added eyelets to some fabric that I am gonna attach to the back of the dress. They are the biggest pain in the arse thing to install into cosplay EVER IMP and look quite messy as a result so Im gonna have to strategically hide them behind the belt.

Hated how the dress was turning out so I literally torn the whole thing apart and reconstructed it. The belt was too wide so it looked really odd against my hips and the skirt was far too poofy. Normally more poof=cuteness but didnt suit the character so gave her loose pleats instead. The whole think looks much better now :) Now I just gotta add the fabric with the eyelets, add the ribbon to close at the back, add straps, sew the back of the dress and hem~

Hopefully Ill get the dress done by Wednesday night at the latest so I can give the headphones more attention ^^