Scarecrow (Arkham Asylum (video game)) - Batman





Edit: I know I'm not the best cosplayer in the world, but I often look back on this and it reminds me just how far I've come in the past few years. Anyone can be decent at cosplay if they put their heart and soul in to it.

This was a rush job for a photoshoot, and I only had a day to do it in XD It was really fun making it and then skulking aorund being creepy. It's not the best costume I've made (probably the worst, Merchant being the best, and Death the Kid being the in the middle), but it did it's job! And fell apart afterwards XD. My favourite part of the costume were easily the needles. I got some real syringes (without the tips in of course) and put paperclips in the end of them. They looked real, and scared a few people (it probably didnt help that I looked like a deranged maniac anyway.


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