Kano (Beach Version) - Mortal Kombat





A version I came up with out of the blue.
I might post up "sneak-peeks" as we get closer to the event.

I'll be wearing this for the Friday night at Kita4

EDIT - 18/04/12: I didn't end up wearing this at Kita4, but I plan to get photos in this when I go down to Wales in the summer. I'm sure to wear it at an Event at some point....

EDIT - 29/06/12: Due to a change of plans with my trip to Wales, I'm not going to get the photos I wanted. I will hopefully get around to doing some photos soon though. If not, I'll see about getting them at October Expo :D


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Progress Journal

25th March 2012


Ok, so after a short trip to Primark, this version is pretty much complete.
I only really have to work on a new style of knife-holder, assuming I decide to bother :P