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AyaCon 2013




I never thought anyone would ever speak of this series and never thought I'd find myself uploading a character from it ... until Manticore somehow dragged me along for a group XD I've barely begun this game but I did enjoy the prequel Path of Radiance even though it was so tedious and at times difficult cos it involved so much chess like tactics and if you get your favourite character killed, they NEVER come back and I always ended up restarting the chapter XD

Anyways back to the costume, I decided to take a shot at Mist seeing as how I really like Mist and Manticore was going to be Ike :3 So naturally I thought a brother & sister pairing? *_* It has to be done!! >:D
At first I was gonna revamp my previous Mist cosplay but then I came across a valkyrie design from when she changes class :D I thought that's more prettier and more of a challenge so lets go with that! I know I'll end up regretting it though cos it looks awkward at areas but for the FE group, I don't wanna fail since I know there are harder cosplays people are doing than this so I shouldn't be complaining XD

Gonna aim to do this sometime round 2013 - dunno when I'll get on with this cosplay but when I do, please someone lend me a sword XD wait for me Ike!!

UPDATE 01/07/2013

Gonna try to see if I can get this done for Aya to join a small RD group <3


Emzone posted on 28 March, 2014 - 19:36
Mist!! <3 This will be adorable!

Progress Journal

24th June 2013

Wig complete

Soo one major mistake I made out of so many others when I first cosplayed as Mist was choosing the wrong wig ... The colour I felt was perfect but the volume of it was ick! It was so damn thin and there wasn't enough fibre to make thick hair braids whilst making the back look fuller (if that makes any sense at all??)...

So to fix this I chose to buy two fairly cheap gold brown wigs and weft them together to get a good amount of body which it does now have :D Afyer I spiked the fridgy bits and I'm pretty darn proud of this wig!! My wig styling is slowly getting a bit better I think? XD

20th June 2013

Hair slides

So the first time I cosplayed as Mist, I totally did not research into how to handle craft foam properly and well the first set I made was a complete mess!! XD

TO tackle this problem I decided to get a bit of worbla and try it out to see if the joining can be done more smoothly - OMG it is amazing stuff!!

After successfully joining the small pieces together, I covered them in gesso, painted, weathered and sealed them. Its not too bad of a start for using worbla for my first time :3