Chell - Portal 1/2




One of the first costumes I made. The hardest part to make was the long fall boots - it wasn't that they were actually challenging to put together, it was just impossible to find a pair of normal white boots! The orange jumpsuit was quite easy to find on ebay, though, and when it arrived the package claimed it's 'asbestos-proof'... Take that, Cave!
Making Wheatley was a long process - he's made of paper mache, and it took ages to dry. He still ended up looking pretty rubbish. I upgraded him for Telford MCM Expo 2012, though - he lights up! I will be taking him to London May 2012, too, as part of my human!Wheatley costume.
Staying in-character when your character is mute, however, is really hard, and I just ended up talking alot.

Also worn at Telford MCM Expo 2012. More pictures on Deviantart.


gaming_goddess posted on 17 April, 2012 - 08:47
Your long fall boots look so good :D And you have a wheatly - he is too cute :D

cowiee posted on 21 July, 2012 - 19:32
Ah i saw you, you looked awesome!