Corran Horn (X-Wing Pilot) - Star Wars Expanded Universe



A Costume I've wanted to do for years.
I will be working on this for a while, and will hopefully have it completed by the end of 2012

Oh, and despite the Ref pic, I will not be shaving my beard. I will be doing the "older" Corran who has one :P

EDIT Aug 2016 - I have actually made progress on this, and wore a version of it at Star Wars Celebration Europe in July.
The current version I have doesn't have a helmet or life support box, since both are rather expensive when I don't know how often I will wear this. I'm also having to use an Orange jumpsuit for the time being, although I am going to be sorting out a green one soon.

Since it's a very warm costume, so I will be looking at ways to make it more bearable to wear in the summer months. If I can't, I guess this will be a winter only costume.

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