Sorceress Edea
Final Fantasy 8

Cosplayer: JustJerry

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

16th July 2012: edea headpiece 2 last spoiler...

8th July 2012: helmet this is the helmet (or codpiece) making this out of paperclay, need more....paperclay

27th June 2012: edeas dress just spent the entire day handsewing individual feathers onto a fur trim, most girls my age would probably use that tie to paint their nails or go out drinking. I will catch up on that next week...

20th June 2012: backpiece progress almost finished, just have to find a decient material to drape from the backpiece. I am soo tempted to use duchess satin, just because the artwork I am referencing the material doesn't look translucent. hmmm decisions, decisions ;P

22nd April 2012: Edea Backpiece Just to prove I am not twidling my thumbs...

so I have paid £13 so far in making Edeas backpiece (I know cheapskate) I guess the only decient thing I learnt whilst doing a fine art degree at uni was using cheap materials to create something convincing....other than that I work at sainsburys...but yeh! pieced together with abit of wood, foam and plenty of varnish. Just call me an alchemist...or something

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 27th June 2012
Progress is looking great! Can't wait to see this at Amecon. Awesome work on the feathers, I don't envy you though :D

BabemRoze avatar

BabemRoze - 27th June 2012
This is looking amazing so far!!

JustJerry avatar

JustJerry - 27th June 2012
haha thanks guys. I am going to get so annoyed wearing this costume, I can already tell...

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 15th August 2012
Backpiece came out well. :)

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 16th August 2012
Amazing work on this! =)

JustJerry avatar

JustJerry - 19th August 2012
thankyou guys! =)

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 6th September 2012
You looked amazing here love! well done!

JustJerry avatar

JustJerry - 12th September 2012
Thank you :) was nice meeting you! :)

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 25th March 2013
Aah I was the Dilandau cosplayer right behind you in the Ame masquerade queue! You looked amazing :) I hope I wasn't a bother when your back piece wasn't behaving >__<

JustJerry avatar

JustJerry - 26th March 2013
Haha naw no bother! I was just in the costume all day and kind of went abit mental, I don't think I have ever stripped out of a cosplay so fast before :)

ArcaneArchery avatar

ArcaneArchery - 26th July 2013
Superb costume - I love the details on the head and back pieces

JustJerry avatar

JustJerry - 29th July 2013
Aww thanks :-)