Yasutora "chad" Sado (save rukia arc) - bleach anime

Status :Complete
Worn At :London Film and Comic Con 2012


the full outfit+ Tomska

the finished arm

the arm after 2 days



Captain_Marvelous posted on 16 May, 2012 - 19:08
Beautiful man!

Numta posted on 17 May, 2012 - 12:14
loving the arm!

zabuza89 posted on 20 May, 2012 - 02:14
thank you ^^ first thing ive made, took a month to do x.x

Anime_Angel posted on 30 May, 2012 - 13:52
heya Adam. it's because of cosplays like this is why your one of the good ones^__^ I'll see you at Manchester expo^_^

zabuza89 posted on 30 May, 2012 - 18:13
thank you angel but i still thing im crap at this xD