Ema Skye (PW:AA) - Phoenix Wright


AmeCon 2007




Leading up to the convention I realised I'd not made a masquerade costume, so I needed to make one quick as I'd made a promise to myself the year before that I'd be in the masquerade. One of my friends was going along as Fransezkia Von Karma, so I decided to go in with her. I picked out Ema as, well, she's a scientist called Ema and so am I! I also owned a labcoat which made the costume easier.

The costume itself recycled the skirt I'd made for my Azumanga cosplay the year before, I picked up a pink shirt cheap from Primark. The waistcoat was made using the leftover fabric from the skirt (which had been a blind for the year between making the skirt and this), it didn't have a back but was two identical panels, one reversed, hemmed and pinned to the shirt (the labcoat conveniently covered the back). That was the body of the costume, the main work was in the accessories.

Ema's glasses were a lucky find in Primark (again). The lenses, obviously, weren't like that when I bought them. I painted with 4 layers of nail varnish, two in white to give a base then two in bright pink for the colour, and it worked brilliantly. The badges, those on the labcoat and that on the bag, were made with fimo modeling clay, and the ID badge was made in paint and laminated. In addition, I DID have some test tubes aquired from the lab filled with green jelly for luminol but they were, sadly, left in the fridge by accident so never made it as far as Leicester.

It was very comfortable (if warm) to wear, and doing a costume with so many accessories really made me think about the detail of the costume.


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